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Different Styles and Sizes of Custom Medals - 翻译中...

Medals are the symbol of personal or collective honors, which are widely used in different occasions, ranging from commendation of international competitions to commendation of school and family. Medals are fair to the winners as their efforts are recognized and praised, which also encourage them to keep fighting.

For most organizers who want to commend participants by medals, one of the most common problems is the custom medal styles, which can not be too simple or too expensive.  


Ⅰ. Styles of custom medals


Experience is really important for custom medal styles because the styles change with the development of the times. Let's have a look at these styles.

1. One of the characteristics of square shape medals is standard. You can paint a whole picture on square medals, which is like a landscape but better than a landscape.


2. Round shape medals is popular and widely used. Both international competitions and school sports meeting choose round shape medals.


3. Metal hollowed medal is the product of the new century. This style medal is stereoscopic and is one of the most popular custom medals nowadays.


4. Special-shaped medals is very individualized. You can use local materials and design exclusive medals based on local characteristic culture.

Ⅱ. Sizes of custom medals


The size of custom medals are based on different events. Below are some normal sizes:

1. For mega international competitions like marathons,world championships, championships and Olympics, the custom medal size is basically between 85mm-100mm.


2. For school sports meetings, the custom medal size is basically between 60mm-75mm, much smaller and cheaper.


3. For NGO competitions like basketball and football games, the custom medal size is between 65mm-70mm.


4. For group activities like dance contests and chorus contests, the custom medal size is between 60mm-65mm.


5. For children's games, the custom medal size can not be too big because of the weight, normally is around 50mm-60mm.

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